Our Healthcare Providers

All our Healthcare providers are well-trained and experienced. They are trained from various domains of Medical practices and highly skilful in various medical procedures.The doctors are licensed and accredited persons who are registered under Malaysian Medical Council Board.Our Allied Health staffs were graduated from reputed universities and colleges, well-trained and under constant supervision of the doctors.The team is committed in giving the patients the best care possible. Patients’ safety is our top-most priority and they are assured of receiving consistently high quality care no matter which doctors they see, parallel to our common Standard Operating Procedures (SOP).To ensure maximum protection to the patients, our Healthcare providers consistently applies state-of-the-art sterilizationand disinfection techniques on all instruments and the rooms.Moreover, the organization is a firm believer in Continuous Medical Education (CME), whereby all the Healthcare Providers are regular in attending courses that enable them to keep up to date with the latest developments to provide its patients with the best service.


MBBS (Management and Science University (MSU) Shah Alam.)
MMC NO: 83924


Dr Shangeetha Nagarajan is a proud holder of her Bachelor of Medine and Bachelor of Surgery (MBBS) that she graduated with honours in 2017 from Management and Science University (MSU) Shah Alam. She completed her housemanship training in Hospital Kuala Lumpur and was then was practicing in the Emergency Department (ED) of Hospital Kuala Lumpur. She was trained to respond to emergency cases of various nature and severity. She also obtained her Basic Life Support certificate during her training there. She also had the privilege to be in the pioneer team that started with COVID-19 patients' sampling, assessment and management until January 2020.

She was then posted to Klinik Kesihatan Muhibbah in February of the same year where she managed the fever centre for 8 months and then in the out patient department (OPD) where she was trained in treating in patients with noncommmunicable diseases as well. She was then made in charge of the 'klinik ibu dan anak' since 2021. She has been trained in obstetrics ultrasonography,capable of monitoring pregnant mothers from their beginning of pregnancy until their delivery. She is trained to monitor, diagnose, assess, perform scan of pregnant mothers. She is also trained to review and monitor jaundice of newborn babies and also during their subsequent follow ups until they turn 1 year and 6 months old.

Her initial passion in maternal health was further deepened due to the training and exposure given. She is also able to insert and remove IUCD as well. Dr Shangeetha believes that health is wealth and intends to provide the most complete service to the patients. With the upper hand in obstetrics, she plans to further pursue in the field of maternal health