About Us

SV Care Yoga is an initiative to promote Yoga as a preventive medicinal solution. We aim at complete well-being of individual and it starts right from the lifestyle. We believe not only in curing through medicine, but also through a holistic approach of healthy living.

We have been imparting a mix of Hatha & Ashtanga Yoga practice for beginners to intermediate level through various techniques and sequences. We also specialize in Pre and Postnatal, kids and Senior Citizen Sessions. Over the years we have seen how Yoga has impacted the lives of our students and how far it has changed their attitude towards life.

Our Goal is to impart positive energy through the power of Yoga and strengthen one's body, mind and soul and should become one’s lifestyle.

Our Instructor

Reshma Vanvani is highly motivated, confident individual, enjoys inspiring others to improve on their physical and mental health.

She is energetic, outgoing with collaborative spirit. She believes anyone, anywhere can do yoga; just learn to stay in the present moment!

If your goal is to improve your health life balance, her yoga class will be a great start! The class is a mix technique of Hatha & Ashtanga which focuses on Deep breathing, Strength & Core building for all levels.

Reshma comes from finance background, worked as front desk dealer in Stock Market industry in Mumbai, India for around 6 years & had also established real estate venture.

After being immersed in an exhaustive workaholic atmosphere she was then introduced to life balance program which completely changed her perspective towards the concept of living a healthy life.

She went onto learn more about it & she has successfully completed her teachers training in India.

She is currently based in Malaysia, practicing & teaching yoga with us since 2017, wherein she is part of the wholesome wellness that SV Care aims to provide for all its patients.

The belief of not only curing patients through medicine but also to live your life healthily through the life style changing program is what brings them together.

The Benefits of Yoga

Yoga energizes, relaxes, strengthens and promotes correct breathing. After the physical postures one feels benefited by a more positive outlook, enthusiasm, and a general sense of self-awareness.

Yoga unlocks clear and one-pointed thoughts, firm will power, improves self-confidence by transforming stress into peace.

Hath-yogic practices like cleansing processes, asana, pranayama etc. helpful in curing the physical and mental diseases.

Yoga teaches right art of living, how to deal with ourselves and others. One may learn patience, forgiveness, and the value of gentleness through yoga practices. One who achieve the ultimate goal of Yoga will surrender the body, mind, intellect and ego entirely to the divine. It brings down the peace, purity, truth, consciousness and Bliss of the Supreme-self in one’s daily life.

The effects of yoga have been explored in a number of patient population and healthy individuals, and drastic changes were seen.

Some of the major benefits of YOGA includes

• Immune Improvement
• Fatigue Management (Increases your Blood Circulation and lung Power)
• Makes you self-Confident and positive.
• Stress Reduction
• Postural Correction
• Prevention of Lifestyle Disorders